GESCO, one of the premium, all resilient butterfly valves in oilfield industry, excels in wide range of applications. 

GESCO specialized in Design & Manufacture of industrial valves, whose main product is all resilient butterfly valves. Our brand creating a reputation of quality and economical products in global market.  

These valves feature a one-piece body which provides more rigidness, reduces probability of leakages and overall weight. Unique design of stainless-steel stem with through disc insert provides ease of function and maintenance free operation. Hard backed seat makes quick and easy installation.

Unique design of the valve body allows it to replace with other major international brands without modifying existing pipeline.

GESCO conducts Scientific research, Development, Production, Distribution and After sales service, has its distribution division with ready to deliver inventory that supplies Butterfly valves, Ball Valves, Gate valves, Breather valves, Non- Return Valves, Pressure & Vacuum Relief Valves etc….

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