A butterfly valve that complies with the requirements of the corrosive/hazardous chemical content requirements like HCL (Up to 36%), H2S, Crude oil, Hot water etc.

Flange connection that conforms to EN / ISO standard.

A one-piece disc / shaft with centric bearing is safe against expulsion. Note the coating is virgin PTFE with a thickness of at least 3mm.

Sealing surface between disc and body is also virgin PTFE liner, matched machined pair to ensure long trouble-free operation and no leaks.

The attention given to detail in the sealing area – specify at least double sealing.

PTFE coating is ensured with the thickness on the seat as at least 3mm and the wide chambered sealing serves as a double-sided sealing of the flanges.

The liner and the body are profile matched to prevent the liner being moved during operation.

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